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Desktop Publishing & Printing software


FORMachine ® Pro Lite V2.0 (DEMO Version)
FORMachine ® Pro V2.0 (DEMO Version)
FORMachine ® Separator V2.0 (DEMO Version)

FORMachine ® Std & Pro V2.0
 formachine desktop publishing printing word image processing forms reporting graphics design photo retouching editing database dbase barcode automation business tool multimedia rtf richtext digital pictures photography dictionary calendar plotter color separator charts band office

FORMachine ® Std, Pro Lite & Pro V2.0 are an office productivity suite for office automation. The softwares have a professional design tools linking up with database, word processing, image processing, multimedia and graphic design tools together helping you to create a simple form, letter & report as well as to build complex master/detail reports including single, column or page by page report from a database.

The followings are the functions of the FORMachine ® Std & Pro V2.0:-

 Function Description
 normal Normal Normalization
 text label Text Regular Text Rotation
 gradient text label GradLabel Gradient Fill, 3D Raised, 3D Lowered, Shadowed, Image Fill with Rotation
 database text label Dbase Label Regular, DataBase, Text Rotation
 database gradient text label Dbase GradLabel Gradient Fill, 3D Raised, 3D Lowered, Shadowed, Image Fill with Rotation
 expression field Expression Field Display a text, numeric or database record that will be calculated by the expression or function
 system field System Field Display various system data like current time or date, page number
 xy - graphic plotter XY-Graphic Plotter XY-Graphic Plotter to plot the scientific and mathematical function 
 chart Chart
Line, Bar, Area, Point, Pie, Fast Line, Shape, Allow, Gantt, Bubble
Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, High, Low, Average, RSI, Momentum ..etc.
Surface, Contour Point 3D, Candle, Volume, Error Bar, Polar, Radar, Bezier
Wind Rose, Big Candle, Bar 3D, Image Bar, Image Point, Delta Point ..etc
 band Band Reporting element to control title, page & column header, detail summary ..etc
 child band Child Band Reporting element to additional band to a regular band which call as a parent band
 subdetail band Subdetail Band Reporting Element to link additional datasets into a form
 group band Group Band Reporting Element to a group band onto a form is used to group the dataset record by a pre-defined parameter
 multi-media Multi-Media The audio devices include the ability to play digitized sound files and to access MIDI-based devices which file format in AVI, MOV, MID, WAV & RMI.
 dbase multi-media
Dbase Multi-Media
Dbase function of Multi-Media
 barcode Barcode Code_2_5_interleaved, Code_2_5_industrial,Code_2_5_matrix, Code39, Code39Extended, Code128A, Code128B, Code128C, Code93, Code93Extended, CodeMSI, CodePostNet, CodeCodabar, CodeEAN8, CodeEAN13, CodeUPC_A, CodeUPC_E0, CodeUPC_E1, CodeUPC_Supp2, CodeUPC_Supp5, CodeEAN128
 dbase barcode Dbase Barcode Dbase function of Barcode
 calendar Calendar Design your own style calendar with different color & font together with another graphic function.
 color separator mark Separator Mark The separator mark is a mark for color separation that separate the form with cyan, magenta, yellow and black. This color separation function can also separate red, green and blue colors.
 shape Shape Arc, Chord, Ellipse, Circle, Free Line, Pie, Rectangle, Round Rectange, Line ..etc
 rtf richtext RTF Richtext Create, edit and change the text in Rich Text Format. Support font properties, format properties, insert text, insert picture, insert HTML and dictionary
 dbase rtf richtext Dbase RTF Richtext Dbase function of RTF Richtext
 rtf richtext dbase editor RTF Dbase Editor Dbase Editor to edit a dataset field in Blob field format written in RTF Richtext format 
 photo image editor Photo Image Editor Auto Contrast, Bleed, Borders, Border Fade, Blur, Bright, Color, Curl Page, Dark, Despeckle, Edge Detection, Enhance, Engrave, Gamma Correct, Gray Area, HalfTone, Hue & Saturation, Invert, Jiggle, Mirror, Mosaic, Motion Blur, Noise, Oil Paint, Pinch Hole, Polar, Rotation, Sharp/Soft, Spray, Threshold, Tile Maker, Transition Effects, Wave, Whirl Pool
 dbase photo image Dbase Photo Image Dbase function of Photo & Image
 memo Memo Simple formatted text - The user can define the memo in one color or font
 gradient memo GradMemo Simple formatted text with Gradient Fill & Image Fill effect
 gradient fill Gradient Fill Draw circle, ellipse, rectangle, round rectangle with Gradient Fill effect
 dictionary Dictionary Spanish, Medical, Legal, Italian, German, French & British Dictionary

FORMachine ® Separator V2.0
 formachine separator, desktop publishing, printing, word image processing, forms, reporting, graphics, design, photo retouching editing, database dbase, barcode, multimedia, rtf, richtext, pictures, photography, dictionary, calendar, plotter, color separation, charts

FORMachine ® Separator V2.0 is a color separator for desktop publishing. The software has a built-in separator and exporting tools to convert and carry out separation of an image into cyan, magenta, yellow and black. In addition, the separation can also separate red, green and blue.

After carrying out color separation, the image converter can process and export an image into the following format:-


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